Nama penulis : Myrna Amelia Pranowo

Asal PPI : Belgia

Study penulis : ICHEC Brussels Management School – Management science

As a student in management school, we have given an opportunity to attend a management conference which held by ICHEC Brussel Management School every Thursday evening. They are facilitating their student to learn practically from the doer.

This time, it is Annemie Baeyert turn as she is an owner from the small corporate called Resi Grass, an artificial grass exporter. She is an Belgian Dutch speaker who has experience for more than 30 year in the port industry, which giving her opportunity to learn export import technical at the same time gaining relationship with many exporter.

Resi grass has been founded before 2003, but Annemie Baeyert bought it that year.
From a man in Antwerp too, the main reason she bought that stuff is because she it’s match her target. She targetted a small medium company which has a niche market and in the beginning of the market stages. She also mentioned that she doesn’t really care about the product, what she sees is the business opportunity.

During the conference she is mentioned that the most difficult situation she ever deal with is when the company lost their only one talent. That happened during the peak month of their sales. However, this can be solved by her determination by trying to hire new people again
and again.

In order to keep the margin high, she revealed that she carefully selected her channel of commerce. Currently, they separate their distribution channel into two part. One is B2B with of course their own price and opportunities and another is B2C. She wants to make sure that her B2C customer demand is not requesting huge volume as their B2B, because if that so, she has to prepare the contract document first to seal the deal to make it profitable.


  1. Terrific!
    This article gives us insight on how a beginner should start with. I fond of this statement, “she doesn’t really care about the product, what she sees is the business opportunity”. Many of us only focus on the product but we usually forget whether that product has its specific segment. However, after the deal comes to us, we should improve the product and its surrounding from time to time.
    Thanks for inspiring me!

    1. Titah Haritul Ichwani

      Yup…. Sometime we focus on result and forget the Process. Coz the opportunity is not always come, we need to see any opportunity.

  2. That’s interesting. I think one of the key takeaways is when you want to grow a small business you should also expand your network and pay attention to your relationships with business partners including customers, distributors, and resellers, rather than focusing too much on the products.

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