Belgian National Orchestra – 6 Dec 2019

Nama penulis : Myrna Amelia Pranowo

Asal PPI : Belgia

Study penulis : ICHEC Brussels Management School – Management science

International orchestra which directed by H.Haenchen with a special performance by piano Lukas Vondracek – 2016 Queen Elisabeth competition winner.

That night they were playing No1 en re mineur from Johaness Brahms and symphonie no5 en si bémol majeur from Anton Bruckner. Each of it lasts for approximately 50-60 minutes.

Like an orchestra it consists more than 50 person. Which separates into 13 music tools. Premier violin, second violin, Alto, cello, contrabas, fluit, hobo, klarinet, fagot, horn, trumpet, trombone,tuba, percussion.

The first song, play along with the solo pianist – Lukas Vondracek. Initially this piece was played as symphony (Elaborate of musical composition)  but changed to sonata(A piece to play by only 2 piano) in D minor. It says that he didn’t like the way orchestra wrapped this piece, as he need the liberty of piano notes to express the sentiment of this works, because this intended as an unrequited romantic song.

Apart from the contain of the song, the way they served it, still rather symphony like with the only piano part in the middle. At least that critical linger for some time before   it’s being appreciated as it value. This piece took off very long, unfortunately Brahms had passed away when it’s being positively judged.

 Brahms developed a close relationship with Schuman familiy. This piece contain note for Clara Schumann – he told her that there’s an inscription of his thought of her in one of the adagio part in this piece. We can find it in the opening of his second movement.

I think it is very subtle but romantic gesture of him.

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  1. Have to admit I listened to Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Op. 15 for the first time after reading this. Apparently it’s one of his earliest compositions. Most people have only heard of Wiegenlied (the lullaby song) or Hungarian Dance no.5 in G minor…

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